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“One day we will see a library with few book…” Teachers want their students to be constantly learning, exploring, and growing their minds. When you look at two students and see on on their phone and one with their face in a book, you assume on of them is blowing off classwork and the other is expanding their mind. Today, students do not need to be reading text books to be learning. They do not need to be reading paragraph after paragraph of facts. However as the quotes continued “…kids will go into a library and create.” This shows what can come from allowing students to have an empty room and given technology they can create. Students can connect virtually, go to class online, and gain cultural knowledge from the comfort of their own school setting. People need to realize that students are learning to survive and learn with the resources that are provided for them. Online learning will take people far, they just need to put the effort into it. I know in college online-courses are known as blow-off classes that students take for an easy A. However, if students did the reading for those classes and took the online discussion boards seriously, than more learning would occur. The next generation of learners will know how to effectively take online classes and benefit from them. Online learning is important and it needs to be taught to students.

These tips are important not only for teachers to teach their students, but also for teachers to follow. If students are using the internet from an early age they need to know that what they do on the internet never goes away and that what they do on the internet will follow them for the rest of their lives. Students should be taught the proper etiquette when using technology. Learning about their  “digital footprint” is critical for them to understand the consequences of using the internet. Although it is important to teach that digital footprints are not all negative ideas. There are benefits to what the good things that student share on the internet that could be found years later, or used by other students. I would highly recommend reading this list of tips and making sure that student and teachers understand them.

I am going to end talking about something that is not technology based, but should incorporate it. If teachers are going to have digital learning and digital classrooms, it is important for student to still receive hard copies of things and to have students create things with a paper and pen even if they are using technology before they create things. I found this article about classroom cart organization. I think it would be important for students to print what they create with technology when it is applicable. If students create power points they should put all of the power points of a classroom together, so that students can then grow and learn more from their peers. Depending on the grade level of the class the idea of sharing things through google drives, iCloud, and dropbox might be too complicated. So, using the cart idea, a class can create their own “database” of knowledge and their technology based and created creations.

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