A blog in a blog


“When wearing the hat of department head, I sometimes – no, often –  feel like I spend all my time and energy working on other people’s  problems or putting out everyone else’s proverbial fires.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it! There are big parts of me that love being a leader and being responsible for problem solving and fixing things. At the same time, though, it sometimes feels like those same things that I love pull me away from what I love even more – my adult transition program.”

This blog related to me and about how education is becoming so restricted and formulated that teachers are not able to teach what they want, how they want to, or when they want to. The curriculum is becoming strict and formulated around tests and high risk testing.

Personally, I know people who are teachers that have tried to get me to switch majors because what they are doing and are passionate about is different then what is being forced the in the classroom.

I want to make sure that my students are ready for tests, but I am also allowed to teach the material that I think is appropriate in a meaningful way. I do not want to be stuck with the paperwork and always ensuring that everything we do in the classroom is preparing students for a test. There needs to be fun projects and downtime while learning. Students cannot get lectured to non-stop for their entire school day.

I believe that there needs to be a compromise and teachers need to continue to enjoy teaching and remember why they went into the profession in the first place.





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